Juliet“Coping with and treating the diagnosis or event in a child/teen’s life that precipitates an IEP process can be absolutely traumatic for a family. We were faced with a crisis in our daughter’s 9th grade year of public school, and as a result, we initiated the IEP process.

Juliet was our life-saver. We simply could not have cared for our daughter and participated to the necessary degree in the IEP process without Juliet. She coordinated our daughter’s IEP, relieving us of an overwhelmingly heavy burden and unsustainable levels of stress.

Juliet is experienced, perceptive, prepared, articulate, strong, calm and strategic.  Her keen intellect (distilling the most crucial and salient points from meetings and evaluations with private medical/academic professionals), and ability to ask the right clarifying questions of the right people ensure strong preparation for and participation in all IEP-related meetings. Juliet can empathize with parents, and her loyalty and focus are completely directed toward obtaining what is best for your child.”

Wendy P., Virginia