J.D. Hiznay Services

J.D. Hiznay, PLLC is a Northern Virginia law firm providing advocacy and support for children and young adults with learning differences. The firm was founded in 2013 by Juliet D. Hiznay with a mission to enhance the educational outcomes of students by providing services directly to individuals and families.  Services provided include consultation on special education matters and representation of parents and children in meetings with school personnel.  Ms. Hiznay provides direct, private and confidential services to families seeking appropriate interventions in the public and private school settings, with an emphasis on collaborative outcomes to help address student needs on an immediate basis, while preserving legal rights. To learn more about firm services, please fill out the conflicts screening form.

Who does the firm serve?

The firm represents parents, guardians, and students, offering private consultation, dispute resolution and representation in meetings with school personnel, primarily in the public school setting (pre-kindergarten to 12th grade). The firm serves a diverse population of students throughout Northern Virginia, including those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Aspergers, mental health disabilities, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities.

What is the firm philosophy?

The firm philosophy is to take a collaborative and problem-solving approach, whenever possible, consistent with client objectives. Every effort is made to tailor advocacy to the individual needs of the student by taking a holistic view of school, home and community needs and supports. The firm works closely with clinicians and therapists (e.g. neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, and behavior specialists) to ensure needed supports have been identified for positive long-term outcomes.

What services does the firm offer?

The firm provides a number of services, with a focus on serving students with disabilities seeking services and accommodations to ensure they can develop the academic and functional skills needed to maximize their independence as an adult.  The firm provides direct consultation with family members.  Areas of consultation include:

  • Private consultation and coaching for parents and guardians whose children with unmet learning needs, including identification of strengths and needs
  • Consultation on strategies to obtain services and accommodations, psychological/educational testing, therapeutic support, and application for public benefits
  • Representation in educational matters for students with learning differences, including 504 Plans & Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and school placement decisions
  • Assessment of school placement needs.
  • Representation in school discipline matters for children with disabilities
  • Consultation on transition and post-secondary preparedness, including assessment of legal needs upon the age of majority
  • Referral to specialists who provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments, therapeutic interventions including occupational therapy and speech-language-therapy, and medical or psychiatric interventions as applicable.

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